Leeanne Montgomery

The first post for me on Leeanne's blog was written yesterday. She is complainning the few informationon me  that I make public. If you also want more information please ask them in comments of this post.

Of course in my point of view in her annimation I visualize my cock in her mouth, but she thought the reverse.


Le premier post sur moi dans le blog de Leeanne a été écrit hier. Elle se plaint du manque d'info sur moi. Si vous avez des questions n'hésitez pas j'essayerai d'y répondre si cela ne dépasse pas ma limite entre vie publique et privée.

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  1. Dear newa,

    I was not complaining dear. But I also did not know that you had a blog!! OMG! I'll have to edit your post dear. There is so much here! Please forgive me Newa!

    Kiss kiss,